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Window Cleaning

New homes and renovations and repeat customers.

Window cleaning service

Dirty windows can make the most exquisite and well presented home look shabby and make it  feel as though it is in desperate need of a good clean!

We may have been to your home and cleaned and presented it to you upon completion of the build, leaving windows sparkling and gleaming  so you were able to enjoy your new view. This unfortunately doesn’t last long and you may have decided that you would like us to do this again, we are more than happy to!

We clean the joinery and joinery tracks also at no extra cost!

As experienced home groomers we know the importance of not only cleaning the glass. We will ensure that this is done for you, each and every time.

We can provide our service to include just your exterior windows should you wish or of course completing both interior and exterior windows at the same time. 

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