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Show Home Cleans

Cleaning services and scheduled grooming for builders show homes.

New Show Home cleaning

Prestige Home Groomers appreciate how important it is for you to have your show homes looking at their very best at all times, they are your advertisement for the quality work with which you offer to your clients. We are happy to provide a weekly service for the regular cleaning of your show homes to keep them looking in pristine condition. 

What you can expect

Communication and flexibility
We know that building projects don’t always run to schedule. So we keep in regular contact to see how things are progressing and are happy to reschedule if necessary.

Consistent pricing
We charge per square metre (apart from exceptional circumstances) so you know what to expect right from the beginning. No time-consuming quotes. No surprises. You can factor it into your budget as soon as the plans are drawn up.

Maintenance and repairs
Because our service is so detailed we see everything. That means we pick up on any repair and maintenance issues that may have been overlooked and bring them to your attention straight away. That’s why we recommend home grooming as close as possible to handover to your client while still allowing time to rectify any faults. We are also happy to come back for a final clean after any maintenance work is carried out.

If you have a request that is outside our scope we can point you in the right direction. Because we know the industry inside out, if we can’t help you we know someone who can.

Ongoing service
We appreciate how important it is for you to have your show homes looking at their very best at all times, they are the advertisement for the quality work which you offer to your clients. We are able to provide a regular cleaning service for your show homes to keep them looking pristine and well presented. We can also keep your office looking spick and span should you require us to do so!

Our services include

  • Check for cobwebs throughout the show home and around all entranceways.
  • Wipe and dust all skirting boards and window sills throughout the show home.
  • Dust and wipe the interior of the garage door and surrounds.
  • Check and remove all marks on walls and doors throughout the show home.
  • Full clean of the kitchen wiping sills, benches, doors, drawers, kitchen appliances and all other surfaces.  
  • Clean inside of microwave. 
  • Apply stainless polish where necessary. 
  • Clean all appliances.
  • Dust and wipe all furnishings throughout the show home ensuring to move ornaments where possible.
  • Clean mirrors and check all glass doors at entranceway and throughout show home.
  • Clean bathroom and ensuite areas ensuring to wipe out the bases of showers, baths and toilets. 
  • Polish all chrome tap ware, towel rails and shower fittings.
  • Fully clean and disinfect all bathroom areas used by the show home staff or by clients. 
  • Check all doorway tracks and wipe to remove all debris.
  • Vacuum all floor areas throughout the show home. Move furniture where applicable to vacuum.
  • Mop all hard floor areas. 

We recommend the exterior windows of the show home be cleaned on a monthly basis to keep the home looking fresh and to ensure all cobwebs from around these areas are removed on a regular basis. We are of course happy to discuss and include any other requirements that you may have.

The interior windows are generally cleaned approximately every 3-4 months or as required. We will keep an eye on these and advise you should we believe they need cleaning earlier. Should the exterior of the home require a soft wash at any stage, we are happy to provide this service to you also.

Request a show home clean

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