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Welcome to PHG's Frequently Asked Questions about our Franchisee opportunities available in New Zealand.

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How much money can I expect to earn?

Each territory differs depending on the size and the location, however there is no limit to what you can earn, you are able to grow your business at a pace that is suitable to you and to an income level that you are comfortable with. We will assist you to do this.

How is PHG different to other cleaning companies?

PHG specialises and only cleans new or renovated premises, cutting out all the dirty work; the worst mess that you will have to contend with is saw dust shavings and dusty windows! There is generally no need for evening or weekend work, you will finish your day normally when other cleaners are commencing theirs!

How much is my initial investment?

The initial investment for a PHG franchise will depend on your  chosen territory and will generally be in the range of $18,000 and $30,000.

What is included in my initial investment?

Your investment includes all that you need to get started with the exception of an approved vehicle which we will sign write for you. This investment includes the right to trade using the brand and the business model.

You will also receive a comprehensive 2 week training programme, an exclusive territory, a full product and equipment package, a PHG uniform, stationery and promotional items, Health & Safety Manual, Operations Manual and a comprehensive Training Manual.

We have compiled a start up package based on over 18 years of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t and have hand-picked our range on the back of this experience. Much time is taken in researching new products and equipment to ensure that we are always providing the best products and equipment to enable you to do your job efficiently and to an exceptional standard each and every time.

What training and support do I receive?

You will initially undergo a comprehensive 2 week training programme covering everything from business management, how to improve profitability, PHG systems and procedures, marketing, quoting, use and care of your equipment, supply ordering and your health & safety obligations. Once training is complete you will receive on going support from Head Office and be part of a supported franchise network.


PHG is a well established and a highly respected brand and has proven marketing systems in place to assist each region with growth and brand awareness. 

What are the on going fees?

The fees payable are fixed and paid monthly by our franchisees. There is no uncertainty, these are set at 8% for the Franchise fee and 2% for the National Marketing levy fee. We do not charge for “work referral leads”, administration fees or the like.

Do I have an exclusive territory?

Yes you do! Experience has shown us that in order to to be successful Franchisees must have their own exclusive region in which to operate, you will not be competing with other PHG franchisees in your region you will have your own large and exclusive territory.

What territories are available?

PHG has territories available throughout NZ, we are happy to provide a list of those regions and their prices to you.

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