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Prestige Home Groomers

Franchisor owners

Managing Directors Paul and Kim Buttery have been grooming new homes for sale since 2000. Previously involved in the building industry, they established a home grooming business after experiencing first-hand the need for a specialised service.

Why did you start a specialist cleaning company for builders and home companies?

Kim: I was part-owner of a new house building company, and I always found it difficult to get good, consistent cleaners to prepare the homes for their new owners.

Because we have been on both sides of the fence we know what needs to be done. It is our speciality – we only groom new homes.

You've been operating since 2000, that's over 20 years in business. What have you learnt along the way?

Kim: Years of experience have resulted in extensive product knowledge. Having tested different cleaning products and equipment, we know what works and what doesn’t. 

Paul: We know that some products work better than others and have hand-picked our range on the back of this experience. We also know that different surfaces require different attention and our cleaning products are selected accordingly. It’s definitely not a case of one product fits all.

How do you select the right team of home grooming specialists?

Kim: Just like it's not a case of one product fits all, the same goes for our team of home grooming specialists - a mix of independent franchisees and company staff. We personally select and train our team, who we know to be hardworking, fastidious and dedicated. We have a rigorous training programme and an extensive checklist that must be adhered to.


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